On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, the Supreme Court of Ohio launched an expanded news program – Court News Ohio – that features stories about the Ohio judicial system. This archived page on the Supreme Court’s website only displays news stories that occurred before that date. News stories that occurred on July 17 and thereafter can be found at www.courtnewsohio.gov.

July 16, 2012
Court News Ohio to Feature Expanded Judicial System News

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Ohio will launch a comprehensive, multichannel, multimedia program covering news about the Ohio judicial system for the judiciary, the legal community, and the general public.

Billed as the “news bureau for the Ohio judicial branch,” Court News Ohio will feature expanded news about Ohio courts online (courtnewsohio.gov), in print (a monthly print publication Court News Ohio Review) and on TV (CNO-TV, which will air on the Ohio Channel).

A service of the Supreme Court’s Office of Public Information, the program also will include a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Videos will be available for individual download or through a free podcast subscription on Apple iTunes.

News that has traditionally been viewed on the Supreme Court’s website – such as programmatic initiatives, rule amendments and judicial appointments – will now appear on Court News Ohio. The expanded program will also feature decisions from the Court of Claims of Ohio and appellate courts, and other news about the Ohio judicial system.

“The central objective of this new venture is to make courts in Ohio more accessible, understandable and transparent,” said Administrative Director Steven C. Hollon. “Over the last several years, we have taken steps to expand news coverage beyond simply Supreme Court initiatives. Court News Ohio is a natural progression and further enhancement of that expansion.”

The launch of Court News Ohio also will enable the court’s website at sc.ohio.gov to focus on the court’s central mission – Supreme Court cases. Succinct, descriptive information on cases will appear prominently on the front page with links to more detailed information about cases to be heard or those already decided.