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April 23, 2012
Supreme Court Discontinues Bound Volumes of Appellate Court Decisions

Bound volumes of Ohio appeals court and trial court decisions will be discontinued as of July 1, 2012. Proposed amendments to the Supreme Court Rules for the Reporting of Opinions that incorporate this new practice were announced today. The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comments on the proposed amendments until May 22.

Amendments adopted in 2002 to the Rules for the Reporting of Opinions contemplated the end of the Ohio Appellate and Ohio Miscellaneous volumes of the Ohio Official Reports at some future date.

The declining demand for the print volumes due to the availability of the opinions via electronic publication was the major reason for the decision.

“Since at least 2002, decisions from each of the state’s 12 appeals courts and the Court of Claims of Ohio have been posted and have been available on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website,” said Reporter of Decisions Sandra Grosko. “That practice will continue.”

Ohio Supreme Court opinions are not affected by this decision and will continue to appear in the Ohio State 3d bound volumes as well as on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website.

The change will affect the frequency of publication for the Ohio Official Reports Advance Sheets to every other week instead of the current weekly publication. A table that includes a brief description of every appellate decision for the Advance Sheets will continue to be published by the Reporter’s Office.

Before the decision to discontinue print editions was finalized the Ohio Supreme Court alerted all the Ohio judges associations of the plan.

Click here for the text of the proposed amendments. Comments should be submitted in writing to: Sandra Grosko, Reporter of Decisions, 65 S. Front St., Eighth Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or sandra.grosko@sc.ohio.gov.