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Aug. 25, 2011
Supreme Court Adopts New Specialization Area

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted a new field of law area of specialization: insurance coverage law, effective Oct. 1.

Gov. Bar R. XIV, Section 2(C)(1)(a) through (e) requires that the Commission on Certification of Attorneys as Specialists (CCAS) recommend to the Supreme Court the fields of law subject to specialization designation.

On June 24, the Commission approved insurance coverage law as a specialty area in Ohio and adopted the following definition: “Insurance Coverage Law is the area of law involving issues between insurers and policy holders concerning the rights and responsibilities that arise under insurance policies.”

The Supreme Court established the CCAS to identify specialty areas and to set minimum standards for certification as specialists. After a specialty area definition recommended by the CCAS has been approved by the Court, agencies that have programs of certification in the defined area apply to the CCAS for recognition that their program meets the minimum standards. By this process, the agency that applied is approved to certify Ohio attorneys as specialists in the field of law.

View the text of the specialization area amendment.