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Aug. 18, 2011
Supreme Court Adopts New, Revised Probate Forms

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted new and revised standard probate court forms that concern personal identifiers, wrongful death and survival claims settlements, and petitioner’s accounts.

Amendments to the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio cover Probate Forms 14.2, 18.9 and 45(D).

New probate form 45(D) creates a personal identifier form to use in probate courts to comply with Sup. R. 45(D) that requires parties filing a case document to omit any personal identifiers from the document and include them on a separate form.

Minor revisions to forms 14.2 (Entry Approving Settlement and Distribution of Wrongful Death and Survival Claim) and 18.9 (Petitioner’s Account) reflect recent legislative changes.

View the complete language of the forms, which becomes effective Sept. 1.

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