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Feb. 17, 2011
Juvenile Domestic Violence Rule, Forms Adopted

The Supreme Court of Ohio today announced the adoption and March 1 effective date of a new rule that establishes forms for the adjudication of juvenile domestic violence cases and certain other cases.

Effective on June 17, 2010, Am. Sub. H.B. 10 authorized the juvenile division of a court of common pleas to issue and enforce civil protection orders against juvenile respondents for certain offenses of violence, sexually oriented offenses, and domestic violence. Additionally, the legislation expanded the domestic violence definition of “family or household member” under the domestic violence statute, R.C. 3113.31, to include foster parents.

The Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence recommended the adoption of Sup. R. 10.05 and Forms 10.05-A through F, which establishes six standardized juvenile civil protection forms that foster uniformity for swift enforcement, promote access to the courts, particularly for pro se litigants, and facilitate the crafting of situation-specific protection orders suitable for juvenile respondents.

View the rule and forms.

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