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Oct. 31, 2011
Death Penalty Task Force to Meet for First Time

In a cooperative effort between the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio State Bar Association, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty will meet for the first time Nov. 3.

The group of 21 judges, prosecuting and defense attorneys, and lawmakers will hold its first working session from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA), 1700 Lake Shore Drive, in Columbus.

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor announced the formation of the Joint Task Force during the annual State of Judiciary in September. 

During Thursday’s meeting, the task force will conduct a thorough review of capital punishment to ensure that Ohio’s death penalty is administered in the most fair and judicious manner possible. Members will examine the death penalty process and study current laws on the death penalty and procedures other states across the country use.

“The Joint Task Force will examine the current laws on the subject and the practices in other jurisdictions. It will review and identify areas in need of action and recommend the course of action,” Chief Justice O’Connor said. “The task force will not decide whether Ohio should or should not have the death penalty. It will not be on the table for discussion.”

“Our goal is to take a careful review of the administration of capital punishment in Ohio to ensure fairness in its application,” OSBA President Carol Seubert Marx said.

Once the task force develops a comprehensive set of recommendations over the course of several meetings, members will give their proposals next year to the state for consideration.

The Joint Task Force is chaired by the retired Hon. James A. Brogan of the Second District Court of Appeals in Dayton.

Other members include: