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Feb. 18, 2011
Supreme Court Hosts National Faculty Development Program

Fifty-five court personnel from six states, including nine from Ohio, are now certified to teach one module for the National Center for State Court’s Tier II Court Management Program (CMP) after this week’s four-day Faculty Development program hosted by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Along with Ohio’s participants, court personnel from Arkansas, Arizona, California, Maryland and Minnesota attended the training, which offered certification in three of the CMP’s 12 modules: “Court Community Communication,” “Education, Training & Development” and “Visioning and Strategic Planning.” Each module was taught by leaders in their field, including Supreme Court Director of Public Information Chris Davey, who served as the lead faculty and developed the new communications course, and Judicial College Manager of Curriculum Development Christy Tull.

The program is part of the final phase of the Institute for Court Management’s (ICM) three-year CMP Consortium Project, which was created to update the first six modules in the curriculum and to develop six new modules to expand professional development opportunities for non-judicial court leaders. The seven states that comprise the consortium, including Colorado, can train in-state faculty for all 12 modules. All other CMP courses are taught by ICM faculty.

In a brief welcome message earlier in the week, Supreme Court Justice Robert R. Cupp lauded the group for their involvement, largely because using in-state faculty experts to teach the CMP modules instead of contracting with national faculty will save the participating states money.

The Ohio attendees were:

In addition, Ohio will send the following court personnel to a program in San Francisco in March to become certified in the “Leadership” module:

Contact: Chris Davey or Bret Crow at 614.387.9250.