Foreclosure Mediation Program Model Documents, Resources and Training

Complete Foreclosure Mediation Program Model

  1. Foreclosure Mediation Program Model
    1. Case Management Data and Quality Assessment Form
    2. Contract Mediator Cover Letter
    3. Contract Mediator Questionnaire
    4. Court Order Requiring Mediation Services
    5. E-Mail Reminder
    6. FAQ - Foreclosure Mediation in Ohio: What You Need to Know (Updated 7/27/10)
    7. Foreclosure Brochure Sample
    8. Foreclosure Mediation Participant Survey
    9. Pre-Mediation Conference Call Checklist
    10. Independent Contractor Agreement
    11. Job Description - Foreclosure Mediator
    12. Marketing – Postcard
    13. Mediation Intake Form
    14. Mediation Intake Information Sheet
    15. Motion for Extension of Time to Answer or Otherwise Plead
    16. Notice of Scheduled Mediation
    17. O.R.C. 2323.06 Mortgagor and Mortgagee Mediation
    18. O.R.C. 2323.07 Sales of Foreclosed Properties
    19. O.R.C. 5313.07 Proceeding for Foreclosure and Judicial Sale
    20. O.R.C. Chapter 2303.201(E)(1) (Special Projects)
    21. O.R.C. Chapter 2329 Execution Against Property
    22. O.R.C. Chapter 2710 Uniform Mediation Act
    23. Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 6. Time
    24. Plaintiff/Lender’s Mediation Questionnaire for Foreclosure Cases
    25. Request for Mediation: Pre-Foreclosure
    26. Request for Foreclosure Mediation
    27. Summons
    28. Supreme Court of Ohio Rules of Superintendence - Rule 16. Mediation
    29. Foreclosure Abbreviation Glossary

  2. Foreclosure Mediation Resources

    1. Foreclosure Mediation Summary Report (Word)
    2. Foreclosure Mediation Summary Report (PDF)
    3. Mediation Status Report
    4. Finding Pooling and Servicing Agreements (PSAs) For Securitized Mortgage Loans
    5. ABA Foreclosure Mediation Flow Chart

  3. Training

    To mediate foreclosure cases the Supreme Court of Ohio recommends that mediators complete the foreclosure mediator sign-up form located at: and have the following training:

    1. Basic Mediation (minimum of 12 hours)
      For Basic Mediation Training dates and locations see “Ohio Basic Mediation Training” on the Dispute Resolution Web site under Events Calendar:
    2. Foreclosure Mediation (Basic Mediation is a pre-requisite for mediators)
    3. Uniform Mediation Act: The Role of Professionals in Mediation

    Click on the Events Calendar and complete the online registration
    Limited availability due to space limitations.

    Who Should Attend
    These trainings are open to all Ohio professionals engaged in assisting homeowners facing foreclosure including, but not limited to, mediators, housing and financial counselors, attorneys, and court personnel.

    There is no cost to attend training provided by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Updated October 2009

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