Directory of Foreclosure Mediators Sign-Up Form

The purpose of this form is to collect foreclosure mediation resource information to populate a Directory of Foreclosure Mediators for the general public and courts to use to hire mediators and to facilitate the dissemination of foreclosure mediation information and resources.

All individuals self-report training and other qualifications. It is recommended that individuals verify respective local court required and preferred qualifications before assigning cases. Inclusion on this list does not imply an endorsement by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

View the complete directory of foreclosure mediators.

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NOTE: All fields on this form are REQUIRED.
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I have successfully completed all of the following trainings: 1) Basic Mediation (minimum of 12 hours), 2) Foreclosure Mediation offered by the Supreme Court of Ohio and 3) the Uniform Mediation Act (minimum of two hours). Yes No
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