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Rule 16 Mediation Final Rule Amendments (Effective Jan. 1, 2020)


Dispute Resolution Section
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street, 6th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Phone: 614.387.9420
Fax: 614.387.9409
E-mail: DisputeResolution@sc.ohio.gov

Catherine Geyer, Esq.

Mediation Counsel:
Nicole DiCuccio, Esq.

Temporary Mediation Counsel:
Terry Wheeler, Esq.

Program Coordinator:
Kevin Lottes

Several upcoming trainings will be offered in an online platform. Participants who register for these trainings through OhioCourtEDU will be notified of login instructions upon registration confirmation. Refer to the training page for details.

The purpose of the Dispute Resolution Section is to promote statewide rules and uniform standards concerning dispute resolution programs; develop and deliver innovative dispute resolution services to Ohio courts sponsor training programs for judges, court personnel, and dispute resolution professionals; and provide mediation for Supreme Court litigants, Court of Claims litigants, and Ohio public officials. The Section receives advice from and provides assistance to the Commission on Dispute Resolution.

RFP NO. 2021-01

The Supreme Court of Ohio is seeking competitive proposals for the provision and implementation of a cost-effective, technologically sound, and scalable hosted commercial-off-the-shelf (“COTS”) Online Dispute Resolution Solution (“ODR Solution”).

A virtual pre-proposal conference will be held Wednesday Aug. 5, 2020 at 8 a.m. EST. The purpose of the conference will be to discuss the requirements and objectives of the RFP. Attendance is voluntary; however, Respondents will be required to comply with and be responsible for the information discussed regardless of whether or not they attend. The Court will not issue minutes or notes from the pre-proposal conference, however, written addenda may be issued if deemed necessary by the Court. Below is the information to join the conference.

Questions in relation to this RFP will be accepted prior to, during and subsequent to the pre-proposal conference. Please submit all questions in writing to Cindy Collins at Cindy.Collins@sc.ohio.gov no later than Aug. 7, 2020.

Proposal responses are to be received by the Court, via email, no later than Aug. 20, 2020, and shall also be forwarded to Cindy.Collins@sc.ohio.gov. In addition to the RFP, an editable version of Appendix A, Cost Proposal Workbook is provided below.

RFP 2021-01

Appendix A


The Supreme Court of Ohio is piloting an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) pilot project focused on mediating foreclosure and eviction matters. Approximately five local courts in Ohio will be designated as "ODR pilot project courts."

Courts designated as pilot project courts will:

  • Receive technical assistance from the Supreme Court of Ohio;
  • Have an opportunity to provide input on vendor selection;
  • Receive training;
  • Receive pertinent materials to support the ODR pilot program, including 12 months access to the platform to be used for online mediation;
  • Identify a mediator(s), administrator, and judge to oversee the project;
  • Agree to use the platform for an agreed-upon minimum number of cases, as appropriate and where such cases are available, using the ODR platform over the course of the pilot program period.

Interested courts should complete the Online Dispute Resolution Statement of Interest

Dispute Resolution for Today's Courts

The Supreme Court of Ohio's Dispute Resolution Conference, has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus situation. Rescheduling information will be posted here.

The conference has been approved for 6.0 CLE hours, including 2.0 of professional conduct.

Visit the Conference website for more information

Options for Resolving Disputes


Dispute Resolution Resources

Government Conflict Resolution Services

Supreme Court Case Mediation

Commission on Dispute Resolution

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