Desktop Guide for Juvenile Court Clerks

Image of the cover of the Desktop Guide for Juvenile Court ClerksThe Desktop Guide for Juvenile Court Clerks provides a general overview of the state laws, rules, and practices of which juvenile clerks should be aware. This manual was created with the input and review of clerks and judicial officers across the state. Although courts have final discretion, this resource can assist juvenile clerks to implement best practices and procedures that will impact the court’s caseflow and timeliness.

Clerks also can find additional educational opportunities provided free of charge through the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Judicial College. Brochures on upcoming educational sessions are distributed regularly to courts and the course schedule is on the Supreme Court’s website under “Judicial College.”

The Supreme Court of Ohio also hosts roundtable meetings for clerks. These roundtable meetings provide an opportunity for clerks to meet to share ideas, concerns, and triumphs. The meetings are facilitated by Supreme Court staff, but the topics are determined by the roundtable members. Clerks from all juvenile courts can attend roundtable meetings. The roundtable schedule is on the Court’s website under the “Office of Court Services.”

Additionally, clerks can take advantage of conferences and networking opportunities through the Juvenile Clerks Association.

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