Wyandot County Courthouse

Image of the Wyandot County courthouseThe Wyandot County Courthouse was designed by architects Joseph W. Yost and Frank L. Packard and built in 1900. The building, located at 109 South Sandusky Ave. in the county seat of Upper Sandusky, is still in use and today houses the Wyandot County Court of Common Pleas and its juvenile and probate divisions.

The courthouse is constructed of stone. The courthouse features a central cupola and its north and west entrances have protruding pediments supported by fluted columns with Corinthian capitals.  The flat roof of the building features a white dome on each of its four corners.  Each of these domes is topped with a statue of Lady Justice. The main staircase is of Tennessee marble tile.

The courthouse was built on the site of a cemetery for soldiers who died in battle in the War of 1812.  A sign posted on the courthouse grounds states: “Main headquarters of Gen. Wm. H. Harrison’s army in The War of 1812.  Many of his soldiers who died in battle are buried in this courthouse yard.” 

Wyandot County is named for the Wyandot Indians and the meaning of Wyandot has been variously translated as “around the plains” and “dwellers on the peninsula.”  The Wyandot Indians also were the last tribe to cede their reservation to the United States. The courthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.