Washington County Courthouse

The Washington County Courthouse was designed by architect Samuel Hannaford & Sons and was built in 1902. The building, located at 205 Putnam St. in the county seat of Marietta, is still in use and today houses the Washington County Court of Common Pleas and its probate and juvenile divisions.

The courthouse is constructed of white Bedford stone and more than two million bricks. The interior lobby features a skylight and a tile floor. Two gold painted lions guard the lower entrance of the courthouse.  An annex was added in 1967 to include the sheriff’s department, commissioners’ office, civil defense headquarters, a jail and separate jails for male and female juveniles.

Washington County was the first of the Ohio counties to be formed in 1786. Washington County is named after George Washington, the original surveyor of the region near Marietta.  He also was one of America’s founding fathers, leader of the Continental Army, and 1st president of the United States.