Union County Courthouse

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Image of the Union County Courthouse

The Union County Courthouse was designed by architect David W. Gibbs and built in 1883.  The building, located at 215 West 5th St. in the county seat of Marysville, is still in use and today houses the Union County Court of Common Pleas and its probate and juvenile divisions.

The courthouse is the twin of the Henry County Courthouse in Napoleon because David W. Gibbs designed their exteriors to look the same. The courthouse is constructed of more than 600,000 bricks. The courthouse has a mansard roof with pointed corner towers.  The courthouse was restored in 1994, including the addition of handicap access, attorney-client conference rooms and a holding cell for juvenile offenders. The building was rededicated on April 23, 2004.

Union County is named after how it was formed: by a union of portions of Delaware, Franklin, Madison, and Logan Counties.