Lucas County Courthouse

Image of the Lucas County courthouseThe Lucas County Courthouse was designed by architect David L. Stine and built in 1894. Located at 700 Adams St. in the county seat of Toledo, the building is still in use and today houses the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas and its probate division.

The courthouse is constructed of sandstone with Roman arches, Corinthian columns and a dome. A statue of William McKinley marks the entrance to the courthouse and a corner stone features the names of 26,000 schoolchildren who helped raise the funds necessary to build the statue. The courthouse also contains frog carvings on the interior and exterior, and a frog tile mosaic on the floor. The frog is significant because of the great number of frogs in the area, which has earned it the nickname of “frogtown.”

Lucas County is named after Robert Lucas, the 12th governor of Ohio, who served from1832 to 1836. Lucas also was instrumental in the transfer of the city of Toledo from the state of Michigan to Ohio jurisdiction.  The courthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.