Hamilton County Courthouse

Image of the Hamilton County courthouseThe Hamilton County Courthouse was designed by architect Charles Howard Crane and built in 1918.  Located at 1000 Main St. in the county seat of Cincinnati, the courthouse is still in use and today houses the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County Municipal Court and the county law library.

The Hamilton County Courthouse is a large, nine-story building made of New Hampshire Granite and Bedford Limestone. The courthouse’s Beaux Arts style architecture includes 16 impressive columns above the front entrance. The main lobby features limestone vaulting, marble floors and granite columns as well as a statue of John Desmond, an attorney and soldier who defended the previous courthouse to his death in the riots that followed the 1884 murder trial of William Berner. The rioters destroyed the courthouse and 45 people were killed and many more wounded.

Hamilton County is named after Alexander Hamilton, who served as one of George Washington’s camp assistants during the Revolutionary War then became the nation’s first secretary of the treasury.