Gallia County Courthouse

Image of the Gallia County courthouseThe Gallia County Courthouse was designed by the architectural firm of Eesley, Lee, Vargo, and Cassady and built in 1985.

Located at 18 Locust St. in the county seat of Gallipolis, the brick courthouse is still in use and today houses the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas and its probate and juvenile courts.

The first Gallia County Courthouse was completed in 1812 at a cost of $2,417.23 but was torn down to be replaced in 1848.

Little is known about the second courthouse other than it was set afire by arsonists, who were subsequently caught, tried and sent to prison. A third courthouse was built in the same style as the previous courthouse and located on the same site; however, the third courthouse was once again set afire by arsonists, who were caught, tried, and sent to prison.

The fourth courthouse suffered severe fire damage in 1981, which destroyed one of the best examples of Italianate architecture in Ohio. Today’s courthouse is the fifth for the county.

Gallia County is named for the ancient Latin name for France, “Gaul” because so many of the county’s residents at its founding were immigrants of France.