Cuyahoga County Courthouse

Image of the Cuyahoga County courthouseThe Cuyahoga County Courthouse was built in 1912 as part of the 1903 Group Plan of Cleveland and was designed in Beaux-Arts style architecture by Daniel Burnham, John Carrere and Arnold Brunner.

Located at 1 West Lakeside Avenue in the county seat of Cleveland, the building today houses the 8th District Court of Appeals and the county’s probate and domestic relations divisions. 

The building’s façade features Milford pink granite from Massachusetts.  The marble used throughout the interior floors and walls comes from Colorado, Georgia and Tennessee. The courthouse also features a stain glass window, which overlooks the Great Hall, featuring Lady Justice without her traditional blindfold.

Cuyahoga County and the winding river that runs through it are named for the Iroquois American Indian word meaning “crooked water” or “crooked river.”