Auglaize County Courthouse

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The Auglaize County Courthouse was designed by architect Julius Kremer of Columbus and construction was completed by E.M. Campfield & Co. of Findlay in 1894 at a cost of $259,481. A total of 85 men were hired to work on the project.

The building is constructed of Berea Sandstone and features tile flooring and a statue of Lady Justice in the main corridor. The current courthouse was preceded by another courthouse, which was built in 1851 at a cost of $11,499.

Located at 201 South Willipie St. in the county seat of Wapakoneta, the courthouse is in use today and houses the Auglaize County Municipal Court and the Auglaize County Court of Common Pleas and its probate, juvenile and domestic relations divisions.

The county and courthouse are named for the Auglaize River, which runs through Western Ohio.