Athens County Courthouse

Image of the Athens County Courthouse The Athens County Courthouse was built in 1880. It is constructed predominantly of red brick, while its tall windows are capped with ornamental arches made of limestone.

The building was remodeled in 1935 to feature the old town clock, which was transferred from the historic city hall building to the courthouse steeple. The courthouse, which remains in use today, is the third courthouse of Athens County to be built on the same site. The first courthouse was built of logs in 1808 and also doubled as a schoolhouse.  The second courthouse was built in 1816 and was destroyed by a fire before 1880.

The current courthouse, which sits at 1 South Court St. in the county seat of Athens, houses the Fourth District Court of Appeals for Ohio and the Athens County Court of Common Pleas and its domestic relations, juvenile and probate divisions.

The city and county of Athens are named after the ancient European city of learning, Athens, Greece, because they are home to the first state university in Ohio, Ohio University, which was founded in 1804.