Vexatious Litigators Under R.C. 2323.52

Section 2323.52 of the Ohio Revised Code establishes a procedure for having courts of appeals and common pleas courts declare certain persons to be vexatious litigators. The statute requires the clerk of court that enters a vexatious litigator order to send a copy of the order to the Supreme Court for publication. Pursuant to the statute, the Supreme Court has been sent court orders determining the individuals listed below to be vexatious litigators.

How to use these files
This list includes the name of the person determined to be a vexatious litigator, the court issuing the order the date the order was entered, and a link to the order. Clicking on the following headers will sort the table by the information contained in that column: Name, Court that issued the order, Date of order. Select View Order to view, download, or print the order. You will need the free plug-in Acrobat Reader to access the order.

The following list contains only those orders the Supreme Court has received from the clerks of the courts of appeals and courts of common pleas. Please review the order to determine the specific limitations and restrictions imposed by the issuing court on the person determined to be a vexatious litigator.

For more information
Contact the clerk of the issuing court to determine whether orders have been amended or modified, or for additional information.

Name Court that issued the order Date of order Order
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