Oral Argument Calendar
June 26 - Aug. 1, 2018*

Oral Argument Calendar

Maureen O'Connor, Chief Justice
Terrence O'Donnell
Sharon L. Kennedy
Judith L. French
Patrick F. Fischer
R. Patrick DeWine
Mary DeGenaro

Michael L. Buenger, Administrative Director
Sandra H. Grosko, Clerk of the Court
Jason Macke, Reporter of Decisions

Each side is allowed 15 minutes for oral argument unless otherwise noted. Court convenes promptly at 9 a.m. Counsel in all cases are expected to be present when court convenes. Counsel should register with the chief deputy clerk prior to 8:45 a.m.

*Calendar subject to change. Parties or their counsel will receive notices of hearing from the Office of the Clerk.
Questions or comments should be directed to the Clerk’s Office at 614.387.9530.

June 26
9 a.m.
Official schedule  
2016-0696 State of Ohio v. Anthony Apanovitch Cuyahoga
2017-0749/ In the Matter of the Application of Ohio Power Company for Authority to Establish a Standard Service Offer Pursuant to 4928.143, Revised Code, in the Form of an Electric Security Plan  
2017-0752 In the Matter of the Application Seeking Approval of Ohio Power Company's Proposal to Enter into an Affiliate Power Purchase Agreement for Inclusion in the Power Purchase Agreement Rider  
2017-0828 George Daher v. Cuyahoga Community College District, et al. Cuyahoga
2018-0537 Disciplinary Counsel v. Richard Ahlman Oviatt  
July 17
9 a.m.
2017-1387 Barclay Petroleum, Inc. v. Matthew Bailey, Trustee of the Bailey Family Trust Dated 1/12/2007, et al. Hocking
State of Ohio v. Adam R. Cupp Geauga
2017-1639 David M. Blackstone, et al. v. Susan E. Moore, et al. Monroe
2018-0496 In re: Application of Alice Auclair Jones  
July 18
9 a.m.
2017-0684 Cindy Satterfield et al. v. Ameritech Mobile Communications, Inc., et al. Cuyahoga
2017-1031 Embassy Healthcare v. Cora Sue Bell Warren
State of Ohio v. Dustin Bishop Montgomery
July 31
9 a.m.
2016-0889 State of Ohio v. James D. Tench
30 Minutes Per Side
2017-0877 In re: L.G. Montgomery
State of Ohio v. David L. Braden Franklin
Aug. 1
9 a.m.
2017-0412 In the Matter of the Application of Black Fork Wind Energy, LLC, for a Certificate to Site a Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facility in Crawford and Richland Counties, Ohio  
2017-1360 State of Ohio v. Melvin Bonnell Cuyahoga
2017-1548 Ann Wayt v. DHSC, LLC dba Affinity Medical Center Stark
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