Oral Argument Calendar
March 24, 2015 - June 24, 2015*

Oral Argument Calendar

Maureen O'Connor, Chief Justice
Paul E. Pfeifer
Terrence O'Donnell
Judith Ann Lanzinger
Sharon L. Kennedy
Judith L. French
William M. O'Neill

Michael L. Buenger, Administrative Director
Sandra H. Grosko, Clerk of the Court
Jason Macke, Reporter of Decisions

Each side is allowed 15 minutes for oral argument unless otherwise noted. Court convenes promptly at 9 a.m. Counsel in all cases are expected to be present when court convenes. Counsel should register with the chief deputy clerk prior to 8:45 a.m.

*Calendar subject to change. Parties or their counsel will receive notices of hearing from the Office of the Clerk.
Questions or comments should be directed to the Clerk’s Office at 614.387.9530.

March 24
9 a.m.
Official schedule
14-0277 In re: Z.R. Summit
14-0708 Philip Laboy et al. v. Grange Indemnity Insurance Co., et al. Cuyahoga
March 25
9 a.m.
Official schedule
Richland County Session
14-0607 In re: D.S., A Minor Child Licking
14-0727 Amber Salee (Minor) et al. v. Stephanie Watts et al. Hamilton
14-0862 Paul Risner as Co-Administrator of the Estate of Amber Risner, a Deceased Minor et al. v. Ohio Department of Transportation et al. Franklin
May 5
9 a.m.

11-2005 State of Ohio v. Jason Dean
30 Minutes Per Side
14-0601 James P. Kuhn v. Kelly L. Kuhn n.k.a. Cottle Guernsey
14-1744 Disciplinary Counsel v. Raymond Thomas Lee III  
May 6
9 a.m.

13-0433 In the Matter of the Application to Modify, in accordance with Section 4929.08, Revised Code, the Exemption Granted to The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a Dominion East Ohio in Case No. 07-1224-GA-EXM  
14-0140 Navistar, Inc. v. Richard A. Levin, Tax Commissioner of Ohio  
14-0804 Hans Michael Corban v. Chesapeake Exploration, L.L.C., et al.  
14-1738 Toledo Bar Association v. Robert Paul DeMarco  
May 19
9 a.m.

13-0521 In the Matter of the Application of Columbus Southern Power Company for Authority to Establish A Standard Service Offer Pursuant to Section 4928.143, Revised Code, in the Form of an Electric Security Plan. In The Matter of the Application of Columbus Southern Power Company and Ohio Power Company for Approval of Certain Accounting Authority  
14-0223 Board of Health of Cuyahoga County v. Lipson O'Shea Legal Group Cuyahoga
14-0735 C.K. v. State of Ohio Cuyahoga
14-2157 Disciplinary Counsel v. Steven James Terry Cuyahoga
May 20
9 a.m.

14-0319 State ex rel. Ohio Civil Service Employees Association et al. v. State of Ohio c/o Mike DeWine et al. Franklin
14-0718 State of Ohio v. Jeffrey C. Arnold Seneca
14-0874 The Metamore Elevator Company v. Fulton County Board of Revision et al.  
14-1404 Disciplinary Counsel v. Beverly J. Corner  
June 9
9 a.m.

12-0852 State of Ohio v. Romell Broom Cuyahoga
14-0738 City of Akron v. Ohio State Department of Insurance et al. Franklin
14-0876 Akron General Medical Center v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner of Ohio, and Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools Board of Education  
14-0978 Boone Coleman Construction, Inc. v. Village of Piketon, Ohio Pike
June 10
9 a.m.

12-0405 State of Ohio v. Rayshawn Johnson
30 Minutes Per Side
14-0733 State of Ohio v. Issa Kona Cuyahoga
State of Ohio v. Antonia Earley Cuyahoga
June 23
9 a.m.

14-0795 Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation v. Jeffrey McKinley and Heritage-WTI, Inc., et al. Columbiana
14-0803 Jon Walker, Jr. v. Patricia J. Shondrick-Nau, Executrix of the Estate of John R. Noon and Successor Trustee of the John R. Noon Trust Noble
13-0656 State ex rel. Robert L. Walgate, Jr., et al. v. John R. Kasich et al. Franklin
June 24
9 a.m.

14-0574 William E. MacDonald, III, et al. v. City of Shaker Heights Income Tax Board of Review et al. Franklin
14-0941 State of Ohio v. Derrell B. Shabazz Cuyahoga
14-1062 State of Ohio v. Walter Polus Lucas

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