Affidavits of Disqualification

An affidavit of disqualification is a statutory vehicle through which a litigant or attorney may request the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to prevent a judge of a municipal court, county court, common pleas court, court of appeals, or court of claims from hearing a specific case. Affidavits may be filed to allege that a judge is interested in a proceeding pending before his or her court, has a bias or prejudice for or against a party to the proceeding or a party's counsel, or is otherwise disqualified to preside.

The filing requirements and relevant procedures are set forth in R.C. 2701.03 and S.Ct.Prac.R. 21.01 through 21.04.  If you have any further questions regarding the filing of an affidavit of disqualification, you may call 614.387.9530 to speak with a deputy clerk.

Ohio Revised Code 2701.03 Disqualification of Common Pleas Judge - Affidavit

S. Ct. Prac. Rule 21.01

Filing Guide for Affidavits of Disqualification

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