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Supreme Court of Ohio
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E-mail: jcollege@sc.ohio.gov

M. Christy Tull

Manager, Curriculum and Educational Services:
Christopher Fields

Education Program Manager:
Debra E. Weinberg

Education Program Manager:
J. Kristopher Steele

Instructional Design Manager:
Wen-Li Feng

Education Program Manager:
Dot Keil

Judicial College Administrative Coordinator:
Lauren McMannis

The Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College provides continuing legal and professional education for judges, magistrates, acting judges, and non-judicial court personnel to ensure the effective administration of justice for all Ohioans. In addition, the Judicial College offers education opportunities for guardians ad litem and guardians of adults. Working in partnership with all state judicial associations, the Judicial College provides continuing legal education for their members.

The Judicial College was created in 1976 and is governed by Gov. Jud. R. V. The College was initially established to provide educational programs and activities for Ohio judges. In 1988, the program was expanded to include magistrates (then known as referees), and in 1990 the College began to provide programs for non-judicial court personnel throughout the state. In 2011, the Judicial College launched its Judicial eCademy website. Through this website, the Judicial College began online registration for all audiences for its live and web-based courses.

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