Judicial Practitioner "Quick" Reference Guides and Charts

Senate Bill 231 - Violent Offender Database "Sierah's Law"

Ohio Impaired Driving Law Types of Offenses

Ohio Driver's License Law

Felony Sentencing Quick Reference Guide (May 2017)

Adult Rights Restoration (Updated February 2019)

Extradition for Interstate Compact Cases (June 2017)

Parole and Probation Structures: Distinguishing Between Bifurcated and Non-Bifurcated (October 2015)

Death Penalty and Life Without the Possibility of Parole (Oct. 21, 2015)

Rape Penalty Sentencing Chart (Updated December 2018)

Drug Offense Quick Reference Guide (Updated October 2018)

Vehicular Homicides & Assaults (August 2016)

Interstate Compact & Municipal Courts (June 2017)

Juvenile Sentencing Quick Reference Guide (June 2001)

Training Manual for S.B. 179 (juvenile Sentencing reforms) (June 2001)

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