Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission Publications & Information

Legislative & Judicial Brief

HB1 Impact Study Report

2020 Summer Sentencing Workshops
Co-hosted by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center (DEPC) in collaboration with the National Association of Sentencing Commissions (NASC) and the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission (OCSC)

Criminal Justice Reform in Ohio (April 2019)

Criminal Justice and Drug Sentencing Reform in Ohio after Issue 1 (February 2019)

State Issue 1 - The Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment (Sept. 27, 2018)

Ohio Justice Reinvestment 2.0 Ad Hoc Committee

Sara Andrews, Executive Director, Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission.Sentencing in the Heartland: A Perspective from Ohio.
Federal Sentencing Reporter 30(2): 94-102.

Sex Offender Registration Ad Hoc Committee Report & Recommendations

History of Marijuana Laws in Ohio and Supplemental Interesting Reports (Oct. 19, 2015)

Commission Recommendations on Sentencing

Firearm Sentencing Penalties (April 2020)

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. I (general)

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. II (traffic)

A Plan for Juvenile Sentencing (Fall 1999)

A Plan for Ohio Criminal Asset Forfeiture Law (March 2003)

Rape Penalties (Oct. 10, 2006)

A Plan for Simplifying the Ohio Revised Code Felony Sentencing Statutes (May 2008)

Prison Crowding: The Long View, With Suggestions (2011)

Appellate Review - Grounds for Appeal of Criminal Sentence (April 2015)

Felony Sentencing in Ohio After Foster (March 28, 2006)

Judicial Decision Making After Blakley and Booker (Feb. 16, 2005)

Monitoring Reports

Monitoring Sentencing Reform (January 2005)

A Decade of Sentencing Reform (March 2007)

Monitoring Sentencing Reform: Survey of Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys and Code Simplification (January 2009)

Criminal Statutes After the Colon, Horner, and Johnson Cases (January 2011)

Crimes Reduced to Misdemeanors - a Look Back to 1990 (Oct. 19, 2015)

Crime List by Felony Level (Oct. 19, 2015)

25 Year Review of Sentencing for Certain Felony Offenses (May 5, 2015)

Impact of House Bill 86 & Sentencing-Related Legislation on the Incarcerated Population in Ohio

Extradition for Interstate Compact Cases (June 2017)

Parole and Probation Structures: Distinguishing Between Bifurcated and Non-Bifurcated (October 2015)

Death Penalty and Life Without the Possibility of Parole (Oct. 21, 2015)

Interstate Compact & Municipal Courts (June 2017)

Training Manual for S.B. 179 (juvenile Sentencing reforms) (June 2001)

Legislation Summaries

H.B. 86 Summary: 2011 Changes to Criminal & Juvenile Law (Sept. 26, 2011)

Vehicular Homicides & Assaults after H.B. 461 (March 12, 2007)

H.B. 241 (Forfeiture Reforms Recommended by Commission) (Jan. 5, 2007)

H.B. 329 (Traffic Law Refinements) (Oct. 1, 2005)

Traffic Law Primer (Under S.B. 123, H.B. 52, and H.B. 163) (Jan. 1, 2005)

Misdemeanor Sentencing Primer (H.B. 490 and others) (July 26, 2004)

H.B. 327 (Felony Sentencing Refinements) (April 8, 2002)

H.B. 393 (Juvenile Sentencing Refinements) (March 7, 2002)

Criminal Sentencing Modification Proposal, by Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, February 2019

Proposal to Address Addiction in Ohio's Criminal Justice System

Recommended Modifications: R.C. 2953.31 Sealing of Record of Conviction Definitions

Recommended Modifications: R.C. 2951.041 Intervention in Lieu of Conviction

2016 Legislative Proposals

Summary of Bindover Proposal (Oct. 5, 2016)

Summary of Extended Sentence Review - Adult (March 18, 2016)

Summary of Costs, Fees, and Restitution Proposal (March 18, 2016)

Summary of Juvenile Life without Parole (JLWOP) Proposal (Nov. 23, 2015)

Summary of Confinement Credit Proposal (Nov. 23, 2015)

Juvenile Sentencing Quick Reference Guide (June 2001)