Advisory Committee on the Judicial Family Network Resources

Articles & Slides

Children of Judges
A Teenage Perspective
  Maura, Elizabeth, and Robert (last name withheld)

Judicial Family Ethics
Ethics Guide for Judicial Families
  Richard A. Dove, Esq.
Code of Judicial Conduct

Judicial Family Life
Contributing to a Healthy Judiciary: One Spouse's Agenda
  Maryanna D. Klatt, Ph.D.
Living with a Judge
  Fiona H. Travis, Ph.D.
Put Your Marriage in Your In-Box
  Joe Shaub, Esq.
The Mindful Lawyer: Mindfulness Meditation and Law Practice
  J. Patton Hyman, Esq.
Learning by Living in a Judicial Family
  Family of Judge William A. Klatt

Judicial Family Network
The Ohio Judicial Family Network
  Mary F. Moyer

Political Life
Recovering From Campaign Activities-A Note to Judges
  Sue Strausbaugh
You Want to Do What?
  William G. Jennings, Esq.
On the Hustings
  John F. Burke, Ph.D.

On the Road to Retirement
  Kirk Bloir

Protecting the Homefront
  Hon. James R. Brandlin
Protecting Your Personal Privacy
  Chicago Bar Association and John Marshall Law School

Substance Abuse
My Story: Judge Michael J. Murphy
  Judge Michael J. Murphy

Swearing-in Ceremony
Swearing-In Ceremony Do's and Don'ts
  Judge Stephen A. Wolaver

Educational Programs
Past Educational Program Topics

Resource Contact Program
Resource Contact Program

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