Ohio Judicial Family Network
Mentor Program - Mentor Qualities

  1. A mentor truly enjoys living in the family of a judge and is able to articulate what has been helpful to her.
  2. A mentor is experienced in judicial family life.
  3. A mentor is able to share resources about ethics, security and other information helpful to judicial families.
  4. A mentor provides encouragement and affirms the abilities and competencies of the mentee to increase her strengths.
  5. A mentor does not overwork the issues of the mentee.
  6. A mentor makes time for their mentee.
  7. A mentor makes herself familiar with the particular issues a judicial family faces specific to the mentee's spouse's jurisdiction.
  8. A mentor has a non-anxious presence and a positive, yet realistic, attitude.
  9. A mentor has humility and understands that a solution for an issue in one judicial family is not necessarily the solution for another.
  10. A mentor honors the differences between her community and professional and personal life experiences and those of her mentee.
  11. A mentor considers the "bigger picture" and values public service to the rule of law in a free society.
  12. A mentor strives to meet the mentee's needs, not the mentor's need for friendship.
  13. A mentor resides, whenever possible, in a county other than the mentee's to enhance the mentee's sense of privacy and confidentiality.
  14. A mentor is the same gender as the mentee.

For information about the Advisory Committee on the Judicial Family Network, please contact Judicial Services Program Coordinator Melissa Leonard, Supreme Court of Ohio, 614.387.9467.