Welcome, New Lawyer (Or New Lawyer to Be)

Mentoring provides support that new lawyers need as they leave their academic lives behind and encounter the real-life challenges of practicing law. A mentor assists in your skills development, serves as an advisor and role model, and may even expand your professional network. A mentor's guidance can be extremely helpful as you undertake the demands of a new workplace and assume the identity of a legal professional.

Mentoring Term Requirements and New Lawyer Training Credit

Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring is a year-long relationship involving nine hours of mentoring over the course of six in-person meetings. Upon completion of mentoring, you will satisfy your new lawyer training requirement, provided that you have also taken the three-hour required class on professionalism, law practice management, and client fund management. Unlike other new lawyer training courses, there is no cost to participate in Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring.

New Lawyer Endorsements

New lawyers who have participated in Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring are very appreciative of their mentoring experiences. Examples of their comments about the program include the following:

New lawyers responding to our end-of-term surveys provided the following feedback:

New Lawyer Eligibility

Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring will be available to new lawyers who pass the Ohio bar examination and are admitted in November 2008, and to every class thereafter. To participate new lawyers must:

Be admitted to practice law in Ohio and register for active status within 30 days of their admission ceremony or register for corporate status
Submit a New Lawyer Application within 60 days of their admission ceremony or corporate registration
Be subject to the new lawyer training requirement under Gov. Bar R. X

Registration Deadline

New lawyers interested in mentoring must submit a New Lawyer Application within 60 days of their admissions date or within 60 days of their registration for corporate status.

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