Ohio Law Component

Effective June 1, 2020, the Supreme Court of Ohio adopted proposed amendments to Rule I of the Rules Governing the Bar, which included the adoption of the Uniform Bar Examination, beginning with the administration of the July 2020 Bar Examination. Rule I, Section 7, of the Rules Governing the Bar provides that before being admitted to the practice of law in Ohio by examination or by transferred UBE score, an applicant shall take and pass the Ohio Law Component (OLC) prepared and maintained by the Board of Bar Examiners. The purpose of the OLC is to ensure that attorneys who desire to be licensed in Ohio are aware of the unique aspects and rules of the Ohio judicial system, as well as state-specific legal principles. The focus of the outlines is on awareness of, and access to, critical information about being a licensed Ohio Attorney, the Ohio judicial system, and state-law distinctions. It is not intended that any outline include everything an attorney may need to know regarding any topic.

Course Outlines


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