Administrative Director of the Supreme Court of Ohio


Office of the Administrative Director
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Phone: 614.387.9500
Fax: 614.387.9509

Interim Administrative Director:
Stephanie E. Hess, Esq.

Deputy Administrative Director:
Stephanie E. Hess, Esq.

The administrative director of the Supreme Court of Ohio is the senior non-elected officer of the Court. The position is established by Article IV, Section 5 of the Ohio Constitution. It was added to the constitution as part of the Modern Courts Amendment, which Ohio voters approved in May 1968.

The administrative director is appointed by the justices and assists the chief justice and justices in carrying out non-judicial duties. The person appointed to the position serves at the pleasure of the Court.

Before becoming a constitutional position, a 1955 statute created the position of administrative assistant* to the Court.

Supreme Court Administrative Directors
Column one identifies the administrative directors, column two identifies years of service, column threee identifies the law school attended, and column four identifies the Chief Justice(s) serving at the time.