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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Norton v. Dominion Energy Servs., Inc. 29543gas line – gas cap – installation – above grade – App.R. 9(C) – statement of the evidence – recording of trial – objections to the magistrate’s decision – small claimsTeodosioSummit 4/14/2021 4/14/2021 2021-Ohio-1278
State v. Gray 20AP0019Crim.R. 11(C)(2)(a), plea colloquy, State v. Dangler, and prejudice.SuttonWayne 4/12/2021 4/12/2021 2021-Ohio-1227
State v. Patton 19AP0028domestic violence, felonious assault, self-defense, ineffective assistance of counsel, sufficiency, Crim.R. 29(A), manifest weightCarrWayne 4/12/2021 4/12/2021 2021-Ohio-1230
State v. Houlihan 20CA011666improper backing, sufficiency of evidence, manifest weight of the evidenceSuttonLorain 4/12/2021 4/12/2021 2021-Ohio-1228
In re A.P. 20CA011638legal custody, R.C. 2151.42, legal custody is intended to be permanent in nature, change in circumstances of custodian or child is threshold requirement to modify or terminate, best interest of child also requiredTeodosioLorain 4/12/2021 4/12/2021 2021-Ohio-1229
Phillips v. Columbia Res., Ltd. 20CA011634motion for judgment on pleadings, Civ.R. 12(C), release, breach of contract SuttonLorain 4/12/2021 4/12/2021 2021-Ohio-1231
State v. Smith 29779, 29780post-conviction relief – ineffective assistance of counsel – guilty plea – knowing and voluntary – speedy trial – waivedCallahanSummit 4/7/2021 4/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1177
Preston v. Thornton 29771forcible entry and detainer—jury trial—waiverCallahanSummit 4/7/2021 4/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1178
State v. Callaghan 29431Murder, knowing, intelligent, voluntary, guilty plea, Crim.R. 11(C)(2)(a), nonconstitutional rights, maximum penalty, mandatory prison, fine, substantial compliance, post-release control, consecutive sentences, failure to object, plain error, R.C. 2929.14(C)(4), findings, allied offenses of similar import, State v. Johnson, State v. Ruff, presentence investigation reportTeodosioSummit 3/31/2021 3/31/2021 2021-Ohio-1047
State v. Castner 29704personal jurisdiction – void – submit to jurisdiction – trial – object – supplemental indictmentCarrSummit 3/31/2021 3/31/2021 2021-Ohio-1048