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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Brundage 29477maximum—consecutive—Crim.R. 32.1CallahanSummit 2/26/2020 2/26/2020 2020-Ohio-653
State v. Claren 19AP0015aggravated murder – self-defense – castle doctrine – duty to retreat – jury instruction – plain error – abuse of discretion – residence – attached porch – front stoop – neighbor SchaferWayne 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-615
State v. Simmons 18CA011262sufficiency of the evidence, manifest weight of the evidence, contradictory testimony, credibility, indigent right to counsel, motion to substitute counsel, abuse of discretionSchaferLorain 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-614
State v. Boggs 19CA011453sufficiency – manifest weight – jury instruction – tampering with evidence – purpose to impair investigation – likelihood of investigation – improperly handling firearm in motor vehicle – duress CallahanLorain 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-616
In re A.D. 19CA011547permanent custody, only one first prong ground required, abandonment, conditional order suspending contact, parent made no attempt to comply with conditions, best interest,TeodosioLorain 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-526
State v. Perez 19CA011461suppression—findings of factCallahanLorain 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-530
State v. Varouh 18CA011415motion to reopen, R.C. 2945.10, Crim.R. 29(A), sufficiency, manifest weight, venue, judicial bias, jury trialHensalLorain 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-528
State v. Brown 19AP0004Manifest weight of the evidence, self-defense, defense of othersTeodosioWayne 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-529
State ex rel. Ghoubrial v. Summit Cty. Court of Common Pleas 29458Prohibition, motion to dismissPer CuriamSummit 2/12/2020 2/12/2020 2020-Ohio-470
State ex rel. Person v. McCarty 29662Mandamus, R.C. 2969.25, mandatory filing requirementsPer CuriamSummit 2/12/2020 2/12/2020 2020-Ohio-471