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State v. Arnold L-16-1261Appellant's sentence was not contrary to law where the trial court indicated its consideration of the principles and purposes of sentencing under R.C. 2929.11 and the relevant sentencing factors under R.C. 2929.12 in its sentencing entry, and the term was within the statutory limits under R.C. 2929.14.JensenLucas 9/15/2017 9/15/2017 2017-Ohio-7644
Tillimon v. Fench L-17-1056The Toledo Municipal Court does not have authority to declare, sua sponte or otherwise, a party a vexatious litigator. Civ.R. 45 and 69, read in conjunction with one another, allow for a party to issue a subpoena through counsel or the court in an effort to aid in the execution of a judgment.SingerLucas 9/15/2017 9/15/2017 2017-Ohio-7647
State v. Oliphant L-16-1150Anders brief. Guilty plea was entered knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently, and there was no manifest injustice or ineffective assistance of counsel where appellant did not put forth credible basis to support that his trial counsel lied to him about his potential sentence or that he relied on the alleged lie.SingerLucas 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7534
State v. Jones S-16-040Anders brief. Potential assignment of error found under Crim.R. 32(A)(1). Counsel's motion to withdraw found well-taken, and new counsel is appointed to brief and argue merits of the appeal.JensenSandusky 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7535
State v. Waxler L-16-1269Trial court's imposition of consecutive sentences was not erroneous where its findings under R.C. 2929.14(C)(4) were supported by the record.JensenLucas 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7536
State v. Whites Landing Fisheries, L.L.C. E-16-040Sufficiency of the evidence, manifest weight of the evidence, R.C. 1533.63, undersize fish, shrinkage of fish, Daubert hearing, testimony regarding results of scientific test, Evid.R. 702(C)(3), Evid.R. 608(B)JensenErie 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7537
Hoeflinger v. AM Mart, L.L.C. L-16-1124Liquor Store was not liable to estate of underage person because the sale of alcohol was not made to the person who caused the harm. Also, neither the liquor store nor social hosts were liable where the underage decedent died of self-inflicted injuries.OsowikLucas 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7530
State v. Cervelli H-16-029Appellant's convictions for aggravated menacing and unlawful restraint were supported by sufficient evidence and were not against the manifest weight of the evidence where appellant held the victims at gunpoint and directed them to enter his home while he alerted the authorities of their attempt to toilet-paper his property.JensenHuron 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7531
In re I.K. E-17-017Trial court erred in dismissal of custody motion based upon improper denial of movant's affidavit of indigence. Judgment reversed and remanded.OsowikErie 9/8/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7532
In re Ke.R. L-17-1092, L-17-1093The guardian ad litem satisfied minimum standards set forth in Sup.R. 48(D), and her testimony and report were not admitted in error. There was clear and convincing evidence to support the finding that the children could not be placed with appellant within a reasonable time.SingerLucas 9/7/2017 9/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7533