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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Johnson 16CA3733CRIMINAL- Interstate Agreement on Detainers ("IAD"); R.C. 2963.30; extradition; notice of detainer while incarcerated, Article III(c); anti-shuffling provision of IAD, Article IV(e); 120-day period in which to bring accused to trial, Article IV(c). HooverScioto 9/28/2016 9/28/2016 2016-Ohio-7036
Robinette v. Bryant 16CA21final appealable order, R.C.2505.02,Civ.R.54(B),contempt, GAL fee, attorney feesHarshaLawrence 9/19/2016 9/22/2016 2016-Ohio-5956
State v. Smith 16CA8Appeal from denial of motion to vacate void sentence was without merit because this Court's prior reversal of a single conviction did not affect the validity of either the conviction or sentence ordered on those offenses that remained undisturbed.HooverHighland 9/14/2016 9/21/2016 2016-Ohio-5910
In re Adoption of K.N.W 15CA36 & 15CA37consent to adoption, failure to provide support, presumption of regularityHarshaAthens 9/9/2016 9/16/2016 2016-Ohio-5863
Ehrhart v. Dir., Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Servs. 16CA3726unemployment compensation, just cause for termination, standard of review for unemployment compensation appealsHarshaScioto 9/8/2016 9/12/2016 2016-Ohio-5786
State v. Walters 15CA1009Criminal: validity of guilty plea; Crim.R. 11; substantial compliance; plain error; imposition of hybrid sentence.HooverAdams 9/7/2016 9/12/2016 2016-Ohio-5783
State v. Dean 15CA3499CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in convicting Appellant of felonious assault as no error occurred in relation to the jury instructions and there was no ineffective assistance of counsel.McFarlandRoss 9/1/2016 9/8/2016 2016-Ohio-5720
State v. Wright 15CA14CRIMINAL - Appellant's motion for declaratory judgment which we construe as a petition for habeas corpus is fatally defective. As such, we reverse and remand with instruction to dismiss the petition.McFarlandHighland 9/1/2016 9/8/2016 2016-Ohio-5722
State v. Shelby 15CA20CRIMINAL - Appellant's conviction for aggravated trafficking in drugs and tampering with evidence are affirmed as record supports the same, no speedy trial violation or evidential or evidential rulings occurred at trial.McFarlandLawrence 8/31/2016 9/8/2016 2016-Ohio-5721
Fifth Third Mtge. Co. v. Perry 15CA22Civil: summary judgment; Statute of Frauds; law of the case doctrine and intervening decisions.Per CuriamPickaway 8/30/2016 9/6/2016 2016-Ohio-5679