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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Gavin 14CA3672CRIMINAL - Appellant's Anders brief raising potential errors regarding her plea and failure to comply with Crim.R. 11 was meritless. McFarlandScioto 6/25/2015 6/26/2015 2015-Ohio-2549
State v. Brennan 14CA3440CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in convicting Appellant of OVI, based on Cincinnati v. Ilg, 141 Ohio St.3d 22 (2014) we affirm.McFarlandRoss 6/23/2015 6/26/2015 2015-Ohio-2547
Gemmell v. Anthony 15CA16motion to dismiss; final appealable order; receivership; ongoing adminisgtration of assets; substantial right; R.C. 2505.02(B)(2); terminate receivership; provisional remedy; R.C. 2505.02(B)(4)(a); R.C. 2505.02(B)(4)(b); final order; jurisdiction; Civ.R. 54(B); ancillary proceeding; interim order;McFarlandHocking 6/22/2015 6/26/2015 2015-Ohio-2550
In re N.S.N. 15CA6, 15CA7, 15CA8, 15CA9Permanent Custody - trial court's decision to award children services agency permanent custody was not against the manifest weight of the evidence.HooverWashington 6/18/2015 6/23/2015 2015-Ohio-2486
State v. Trainer 14CA21CRIMINAL - As no ineffective assistance of counsel occurred at the trial court, Appellant's convictions for burglary and theft are affirmed.McFarlandPickaway 6/17/2015 6/26/2015 2015-Ohio-2548
State v. Crocker 14CA3640sufficiency of evidence, manifest weight of the evidence, constructive possession, tampering with evidence, right to counsel, postindictment identification, harmless error, hearsay, expert opinion, speedy trial, motion to suppress, investigative stop, scope and duration of stopHarshaScioto 6/16/2015 6/25/2015 2015-Ohio-2528
Holland v. Gas Ents. Co. 14CA35forfeiture, oil and gas lease, necessary partiesHarshaWashington 6/15/2015 6/25/2015 2015-Ohio-2527
Wilson v. Farahay 14CA994R.C. 3109.04(E)(1)(a)-trial court did not abuse its discretion by modifying prior parenting order when evidence showed that domestic violence had occurred in residential parent's home.AbeleAdams 6/15/2015 6/24/2015 2015-Ohio-2509
Osborne v. Osborne 13CA49Manifest weight of the evidence-trial court's judgment was not against the manifest weight of the evidence.AbeleWashington 6/15/2015 6/24/2015 2015-Ohio-2510
State v. Jazdzewski 14CA15Criminal: engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity; breaking and entering; sufficiency of the evidence; manifest weight of the evidence; plain error; venue; R.C. 2901.12(H); accomplice testimony; R.C. 2923.03(D); ineffective assistance of counsel.HooverWashington 6/12/2015 6/18/2015 2015-Ohio-2416