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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Erskine 14CA17R.C. 4510.11, R.C. 4510.111, R.C. 4510.11(D)(2)(c). R.C. 4509.101, R.C. 4503.11, R.C. 2901.04(A), no contest, misdemeanor, de novo review, explaination of circumstances, license suspension, criminal forfeiture, registered owner, noncompliance suspension, financial reponsibility law, statutory construction, legislative intent, reasonable meaning, reasonable interpretation, rule of lenityHarshaHighland 2/24/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-710
State v. O'Rourke 14CA11CRIMINAL - No error occurred by the trial court in convicting Appellant of assault relating to ineffective assistance of trial counsel or that his plea was not knowingly or intelligently entered. McFarlandAthens 2/19/2015 2/25/2015 2015-Ohio-670
State v. Harper 14CA19CRIMINAL - Appellant's conviction for felonious assault was not against the manifest weight of the evidence regarding his claim of self-defense.McFarlandLawrence 2/19/2015 2/25/2015 2015-Ohio-671
State v. Richards 14CA1Driving under the influence; probable cause to arrest, motion to suppress evidence; substantial compliance with ODA regulations.AbeleAthens 2/18/2015 2/25/2015 2015-Ohio-669
State v. Beeler 14CA3454CRIMINAL - The trial court did not err in exercising jurisdiction in this case in relation to the revoking of Appellant's community control for another OVI in another county.McFarlandRoss 2/13/2015 2/25/2015 2015-Ohio-668
State v. Chapple 13CA3591CRIMINAL - Appellant's Anders brief raising two potential errors regarding his plea and the jury's finding him a major drug offender are without merit.McFarlandScioto 2/11/2015 2/12/2015 2015-Ohio-532
Evans v. Evans 14CA3647summary judgment, de novo review, failure to state a claim, Civ. R. 12(B)(6), Civ. R. 56, Crim. R. 12(C), private citizen complaint, R.C. 2935.09(D), R.C. 2935.10, failure to charge commission of an offense, R.C. 2903.01, R.C. 2913.42HarshaScioto 1/30/2015 2/3/2015 2015-Ohio-378
State v. Mick 14CA3433CRIMINAL - Appellant's Anders brief raising two potential errors of ineffective assistance of counsel and with the jury instructions are without merit.McFarlandRoss 1/29/2015 2/5/2015 2015-Ohio-408
State v. Cutright 14CA3442CRIMINAL-Motion to suppress; Fourth Amendment; Terry; Investigative stop; Identified citizen informant; Reasonable suspicionPer CuriamRoss 1/29/2015 2/2/2015 2015-Ohio-374
Pinkerton v. Salyers 13CA3388final appealable order-multiple claims, manifest weight of the evidence, clear and convincing evidence, easement by prescription, easement by estoppel, easement use limitationsHarshaRoss 1/29/2015 2/3/2015 2015-Ohio-377