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Total Quality Logistics, L.L.C. v. Balance Transp., L.L.C. CA2019-04-035The trial court did not err by granting summary judgment to the carrier where the undisputed evidence showed that the carrier successfully delivered the goods and secured a signed bill of lading prior to damage occurring to the goods during the unloading process. RinglandClermont 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-620
State v. Woody CA2019-01-001Appellant has failed to demonstrate that he received ineffective assistance of counsel. Trial counsel's decision not to object to statements made by the certain witnesses was part of reasonable trial strategy, therefore appellant cannot establish that his counsel's performance was deficient. Furthermore, there is no reasonable probability the outcome of the trial would have been different but for the claimed errors.RinglandClinton 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-621
State v. Jeffers CA2019-08-082Anders no error.Per CuriamWarren 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-622
State v. Adkins CA2019-03-004Appellant was convicted of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and trafficking in cocaine. Appellant's trial counsel did not provide ineffective assistance when he did not move to suppress evidence from a traffic stop in violation of R.C. 2935.03. The traffic stop did not violate appellant's constitutional rights and a mere statutory violation does not warrant evidence exclusion; therefore, the suppression motion would not have been successful. Further, it was not ineffective assistance for appellant's trial counsel to forego a pretrial motion to dismiss based on laboratory reports not compliant with state law because it was part of counsel's trial strategy to obtain an acquittal. Finally, Appellant's convictions were supported by sufficient evidence and were not against the manifest weight of the evidence.PowellFayette 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-535
In re A.M.G.H. CA2019-10-079The minor's father's consent to the adoption was not required pursuant to R.C. 3107.07(K) where the father was served with notice of the petition but failed to object within 14 days. RinglandClermont 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-534
Hussain v. Hussain CA2019-01-024Husband was properly served with wife's objections at his address in India by regular mail and email pursuant to Civ.R. 5. Trial court erred in prorating the severance pay husband received in 2015 through the first half of 2016 and calculating husband's child support obligation based upon that extrapolation. Trial court did not err in awarding wife $13,636.59 in attorney fees incurred in lengthy postdecree litigation regarding the division of husband's retirement accounts by QDROs.PowellButler 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-531
State v. Franklin CA2019-02-026Appellant did not prove he acted in self-defense where he waited for the victim outside, shot 11 times at four people, the victim never fired or used a weapon, and appellant came to the location knowing the victim would be there. PiperButler 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-532
State v. Horton CA2019-05-070The trial court's restitution order was supported by competent, credible evidence where the state presented receipts and medical bills incurred by the victim. RinglandButler 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-533
State v. Parker CA2018-12-229Appellant did not receive ineffective assistance of counsel where he failed to show any deficient performance and failed to demonstrate that there is a reasonable probability that, but for his counsel's errors, he would not have pled guilty and would have insisted on going to trial. RinglandButler 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 2020-Ohio-414
State v. Gregoire CA2019-04-066Trial court erred in retroactively applying the ten-year look-back period in newly-amended R.C. 4510.13(A)(3) in ruling upon the defendant's motion for limited driving privileges.M. PowellButler 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 2020-Ohio-415