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Trumbull Twp. Bd. of Trustees v. Rickard 2017-A-0048FORECLOSURE - trial court had equitable authority to approve redemption pending direct appeal from foreclosure decree because no stay of execution of the underlying judgment was obtained; mortgager's right to redeem continues for duration of proceedings until confirmation of sale. WrightAshtabula 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2502
Robinson v. Fender 2019-A-0039EXTRAORDINARY WRIT - Habeas corpus; failure to make attempt to comply with requirements for maintaining action; R.C. 2969.25(A); list of prior civil actions against government entity or employee; inability to retain necessary inormation is not a sufficient excuse.Per CuriamAshtabula 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2514
TN3, L.L.C. v. Jones 2018-G-0171CIVIL - arbitration agreement; enforceability of an arbitration agreement; tort; conspiracy to defraud; injunction; venue; determination of arbitrability; dismissed; affirmed.CannonGeauga 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2503
State v. Martin 2018-L-060CRIMINAL LAW - CONSTITUTIONAL - R.C. 2950.01; sex offender classification; equal protection; due process; cruel and unusual punishment; R.C. 2907.03(A)(9); athletic coach; minor victim; Tier III sex offender. SENTENCING - proportionality; consistency; similar crimes; overriding purposes of felony sentencing; R.C. 2929.11; seriousness and recidivism factors; R.C. 2929.12; element of the offense.CannonLake 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2504
State v. Polizzi 2018-L-063; 2018-L-064CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING - felony sentence; sexual misconduct; seriousness and recidivism factors; R.C. 2929.12; consecutive sentencing; R.C. 2929.14; likelihood of committing future crimes; lack of remorse; demean the seriousness of more violent offenses; sentence-packaging doctrine; risk to the public; findings not supported by the record; vacated; resentencing.CannonLake 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2505
Ultimate Salon & Spa, Inc. v. Legends Const. Group 2018-L-072CIVIL - lease agreement; commercial lease; return of security deposit; small claims action; summary judgment; bench trial; waiver; estoppel; doctrine of laches; manifest weight of the evidence; objection to magistrate's decision; plain error; holdover rent.CannonLake 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2506
State v. Rock 2018-L-107CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING - jail time credit; abuse of discretion; trial court duties limited on remand for resentencing; trial court not required to hold an evidentiary hearing.CannonLake 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2507
State ex rel. Long v. Culotta 2018-L-039ORIGINAL ACTION - writ of procedendo; motion to dismiss; judicial officer completed the act relator sought to compel; moot. CannonLake 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2515
State v. Fair 2018-P-0027CRIMINAL LAW - Rape; R.C. 2907.02(A)(1); Gross Sexual Imposition; R.C. 2907.05(A)(4); Sexual Battery; R.C. 2907.03(A)(5); Importuning; R.C. 2907.07(A) and (F)(2); allied offenses of similar import; R.C. 2941.25; separate, identifiable harm; in loco parentis not sufficient to constitute a separate harm as between rape and sexual battery; sentence imposed on merged counts as erroneous even if served concurrently; sufficiency of the evidence; Crim.R. 29(A); manifest weight of the evidence; admission of other-act evidence; abuse of discretion; Evid.R. 404(B); consecutive sentences; R.C. 2929.14; clear and convincing evidence.RicePortage 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2508
State v. Fulton 2018-P-0048CRIMINAL LAW - domestic violence conviction supported by sufficient evidence and not against manifest weight of evidence; court's authority for imposing indigent assessment recoupment fee unclear; remand required for trial court to identify authority for fee and manner of collection; R.C. 2941.51(D) fees cannot be collected via criminal proceedings but in separate civil collection proceeding; R.C. 2929.19(B)(5) requires court to consider ability to pay, not make a finding as to ability to pay; consideration may be inferred from record. WrightPortage 6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2509