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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Kennedy v. Specht 2019-A-0066CIVIL - summary judgment; Civ.R. 56(C); political subdivision immunity; R.C. 2744.03(A)(6)(b)LynchAshtabula 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-624
Crandall v. Crandall 2019-G-0202DOMESTIC RELATIONS-CHILD SUPPORT - abuse of discretion standard; retroactivity of the effective date for the modification of child support; combined income over $150,000; consideration of the children's standard of living at time of divorce; consideration of the children's needs and lifestyle; mother did not meet parental duty of support to children by not working full time; effect of the emancipation of a minor child; R.C. 3119.04(B); R.C. 3119.84; R.C. 3119.021; parol evidence rule prohibited consideration of why parties drafted the shared parenting agreement as written; court did not err by not using the extrapolation method; attorney fees; R.C. 3105.73(B); reversed and remanded in part, affirmed in part.RiceGeauga 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-625
Alcus v. Bainbridge Twp. 2019-G-0206CIVIL - summary judgment; Civ.R. 56; declaratory judgment; workers' compensation; right of reimbursement; statutory lien against proceeds; R.C. 2744.05(B)(1); public policy; argument no longer moot; remanded for the trial court to consider in the first instance.TrappGeauga 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-626
Speece v. Speece 2019-G-0231JURISDICTION - lack of a final, appealable order; R.C. 2505.02; contempt; lack of jurisdiction; dismissed.CannonGeauga 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-627
State v. Travis 2018-T-0101, 2018-T-0102CRIMINAL LAW - Felonious Assault; R.C. 2903.11; Kidnapping; R.C. 2905.01; Having Weapons While Under Disability; R.C. 2923.13; Abduction; R.C. 2905.02; consolidation of cases was appropriate where prior defense counsel stipulation to consolidation and where evidence presented was "simple and direct"; Crim.R. 8(A), 13, and 14; evidence was sufficient to support conviction and conviction was not against the manifest weight of the evidence; Evid.R. 404(B); court did not err in denying defendant's request for self-representation where record shows defendant refused to participate in multiple attempts at a Faretta colloquy; court did not err in requiring defendant to wear electronic restraint vest during trial where defendant had numerous outbursts, threatened corrections officers, destroyed property while in jail, violated terms of house arrest, remove ankle monitor and fled the state; affirmed.RiceTrumbull 2/24/2020 2/24/2020 2020-Ohio-628
State v. Bittner 2019-L-166APPELLATE REVIEW-CRIMINAL - judgment striking memorandum is not final appealable order when case has not concluded; final order in criminal case is conviction and sentence.TrappLake 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-544
Alcus v. Bainbridge Twp. 2019-G-0205CIVIL - summary judgment; Civ.R. 56; political subdivision immunity; R.C. Chapter 2744; personal injury; governmental and proprietary functions; exceptions to immunity; negligent performance of proprietary functions; R.C. 2744.02(B)(2); specific activity that caused injury; maintenance of public grounds; regulating the use of public grounds; R.C. 2744.01(C)(2)(e); public peace, health, safety or welfare; not customarily engaged in by nongovernmental persons; R.C. 2744.01(C)(1)(c); obligation of sovereignty; R.C. 2744.01(C)(1)(a); common good of all citizens of the state; R.C. 2744.01(C)(1)(b); physical defect; R.C. 2744.02(B)(4); defense to liability; exercise of judgment or discretion; R.C. 2744.03(A)(5); inadvertence, inattention, or unobservance; employee of political subdivision; individual capacity; wanton or reckless manner; R.C. 2744.03(A)(6)(b); issue of fact.TrappGeauga 2/18/2020 2/18/2020 2020-Ohio-543
Scott D. Shell DVM, Inc. v. Wallace 2020-0240APPELLATE REVIEW - R.C. 2505.02(B); granting of preliminary injunction is generally not a final appealable order where a permanent injunction is sought; meaningful and effective remedy following final judgment; lack of final appealable order.LynchGeauga 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 2020-Ohio-442
State v. Bryant 2019-L-024CRIMINAL LAW - aggravated burglary; aggravated robbery; firearm specifications; weapons under disability concealed weapon; sentencing; profanity-laced tirade; sentence increased; order not final until journalized; judge possessed authority; sufficient evidence; not against manifest weight of the evidence; impute firearm possession to accomplice; no merger.RiceLake 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 2020-Ohio-438
State v. Foti 2019-L-059, 2019-L-060, 2019-L-061, 2019-L-123CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING - R.C. 2953.08(G)(2); clearly and convincingly contrary to law; sentence packaging; community control sanctions; void sentence; vacate conviction for violating community control; remand for resentencing on underlying offenses; R.C. 2929.11(A); purposes of felony sentencing; rehabilitation; R.C. 2929.12(C)(4); mitigation of conduct; addiction; consecutive sentences; future sentence not yet imposed.TrappLake 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 2020-Ohio-439