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State v. Allenbaugh 2019-A-0017CRIMINAL - speeding in a school zone; R.C. 4511.21(B)(1)(a); expert reports; Crim.R. 16(K); Daubert hearing; presence of the defendant; Crim.R. 43(A)LynchAshtabula 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-68
Stave v. Beavers 2019-A-0028CRIMINAL LAW - OVI; operating without reasonable control; field sobriety tests; motion in limine; horizontal gaze nystagmus; substantial compliance; waiver; expert testimony; abuse of discretion; relevancy of evidence; sufficiency; manifest weight; affirmed.CannonAshtabula 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-69
DeGrant v. DeGrant 2019-G-0190 & 2019-G-0216DOMESTIC RELATIONS - divorce; evidence; exclusion of witnesses; custody; shared parenting; best interests of the child; R.C. 2109.04(F); plan modifications; R.C. 3109/04(D)(1)(a)(iii); division of property; separate and marital property; R.C. 3105.171; commingling/traceability of separate property; spousal support; R.C. 3105.18(C); imputed income; child support; gross income; R.C.3119.01(C)(12); attorney fees and litigation expenses; R.C 3105.73(A); interim orders; Civ.R. 53(D)(4) and 75(N); good cause to extend order; harmless error; motion for new trialLynchGeauga 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-70
Stokes v. Lake Property Mgt., L.L.C. 2018-L-073CIVIL - summary judgment; harmless error; negligence; duty; breach; landlord; business tenant; business invitee; licensee; possession and control; common area; lease; ordinary care; frequenter; breach; prior knowledge; foreseeability; notice; qualified nuisance.CannonLake 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-65
Concrete, Inc. v. Willowick 2019-L-091APPELLATE REVIEW - writ of restitution; stay pending appeal; R.C. 1923.14(A); mootnessLynchLake 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-71
State v. Abram 2019-L-141APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); motion for delayed appeal; App.R. 4(A)(1); untimely appeal; no valid reason for delay.LynchLake 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-72
State v. Doak 2018-P-0022CRIMINAL LAW - rape; child less than 13 years old; gross sexual imposition; sufficiency of the evidence; manifest weight of the evidence; no scratches or marks; does not weigh heavily against conviction; no physical evidence; delayed disclosure; prosecutorial misconduct; closing argument; statements of child victim; children's advocacy center; nurse; recorded interview; hearsay; for purposes of medical diagnosis; non-testimonial; merger.RicePortage 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-66
State v. Thompson 2018-P-0099CRIMINAL LAW - possession of cocaine; other acts; motion in limine to exclude reference to other acts; motion granted; Evid.R. 404(B); plain error; allegation of offering drugs to a juvenile; prosecutor elicited inadmissible testimony; separate case; not simply a narrative response; inadmissible propensity evidence; defendant was unfairly prejudiced; tendency to inflame passions; ineffective assistance of counsel; authentication; must be reversed; remaining assigned errors moot.RicePortage 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-67
State v. Cleavenger 2019-P-0036CRIMINAL - Endangering Children; Obstructing Justice; statute of limitations; guilty plea; knowing and intelligent plea; waiver; ineffective assistance of counsel; postconviction petition; evidence outside of the record; corpus delicti; consecutive sentences; judicial factfindingLynchPortage 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 2020-Ohio-73
State v. Young 2019-A-0085APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A); thirty-day rule; untimely appeal.CannonAshtabula 1/6/2020 1/6/2020 2020-Ohio-16