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The Source window lists the court that originally issued the opinion.

Use the pull-down box to select an opinion from: the Supreme Court of Ohio, any of the 12 district appellate courts, the court of claims, or all sources. Note: selecting "All Sources" may take longer to search than selecting an individual source.


The "decided" date refers to the date that the opinion or other document was decided or authored.

The "decided" date defaults to the current year and by using this pull-down menu you may select a year 1992 through the present. In addition, you may also select "Any Time" which, like selecting "All Sources", may take longer to display your results.

WebCite Number

The “WebCite” number is different than the case number.

The WebCite number is a new universal-citing format that U.S. courts are adopting due to the increased use of the Internet as a research tool. This new number uses the year and state of the decision followed by a unique number. The Supreme Court of Ohio is adopting the same format. (e.g., 2002-Ohio-1234.)

Each decision posted to the Web will be assigned a specific WebCite number. This will include all opinions from the Supreme Court, the 12 appellate courts, the Court of Claims, and any miscellaneous opinions from the trial courts that are forwarded to the Supreme Court for posting. WebCite numbers will soon appear in the “Cite as” line on published opinions as well. The number can be used to find a specific opinion on our Website by entering the number into the “WebCite” text box.

Full Text

The easiest and fastest search option uses the Full Text box. It will find any text in any document very quickly.

We recommend using this search most of the time. When using the full text search option, you may want to set the "Decided" pull-down menu to "Any Time." Using "Any Time" with full text does not slow down search, but gives the best results if you are using a specific search term.

click here for a detailed instructions for using the enhanced full text search.

The following rules apply to queries of all kinds: