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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
In re X.H. E-19-061In an agency-instituted legal custody dispute, the trial court’s award of limited visitation to the father was not an abuse of discretion. Grandparent/nonparent; standing; substantial compliance; best interest.PietrykowskiErie 7/31/2020 7/31/2020 2020-Ohio-3907
State v. Martinez F-19-010Appellant’s convictions for rape and gross sexual imposition involving an 11-year-old step-granddaughter under his care were supported by sufficient evidence. Appellant failed to demonstrate ineffective assistance of counsel. Judgment affirmed.OsowikFulton 7/31/2020 8/3/2020 2020-Ohio-3929
State v. Ramirez L-17-1076Trial court erred in granting appellee’s motion for new trial, when it erroneously concluded that the state’s evidence was insufficient to establish the offense of voluntary manslaughter.ZmudaLucas 7/31/2020 7/31/2020 2020-Ohio-3905
State v. Torres S-19-044, S-19-045Trial court’s imposition of 36-month prison sentence on a count of robbery in violation of R.C. 2911.02(A)(3), a felony of the third degree, is not contrary to law or clearly and convincingly unsupported by the record where appellant began his criminal behavior when he was nine years old, has consistently continued to commit other offenses and violate the terms of his probation.PietrykowskiSandusky 7/31/2020 7/31/2020 2020-Ohio-3906
In re Estate of Zoltanski v. Zoltanski WD-19-054, WD-19-055, WD-19-056Probate court abused its discretion when it determined Huntington Bank was a necessary party. Judgments affirmed in part and reversed in part. Summary judgment, de novo review, constructive trust, clear and convincing evidence, necessary party, abuse of discretionOsowikWood 7/31/2020 7/31/2020 2020-Ohio-3908
State v. Dornoff WD-16-072Remanded case. Rape. Motion to withdraw plea. Crim.R. 11. Must show prejudice.SingerWood 7/31/2020 7/31/2020 2020-Ohio-3909
State v. Redway WD-19-037The length of the traffic stop did not violate the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.SingerWood 7/24/2020 7/24/2020 2020-Ohio-3826
State v. Merillat WM-19-014, WM-19-015Conviction for criminal trespass is not based on insufficient evidence or against the manifest weight of the evidence where resident testifies that appellant entered her home without her permission, and appellant had been previously warned not to go onto the property. Conviction for disorderly conduct is based on insufficient evidence where the evidence shows that appellant only “flipped off” the victim while driving by on the roadway.PietrykowskiWilliams 7/24/2020 7/24/2020 2020-Ohio-3825
ASE Invests., L.L.C. v. Smith L-19-1182Trial court's denial of motion to amend pleading was not abuse of discretion where the amended pleading failed to demonstrate a prima facie quiet title action, and summary judgment as to the declaratory judgment action was appropriate.ZmudaLucas 7/24/2020 7/24/2020 2020-Ohio-3822
State v. Hill L-19-1248Appellant’s arguments for postconviction relief were not raised on direct appeal and are therefore barred by res judicata. Trial court did not err in summarily denying petition.ZmudaLucas 7/24/2020 7/24/2020 2020-Ohio-3824