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Nov. 29, 2011
New Registration Procedures for 2012 Judicial College Courses

There are new notification and registration procedures beginning January 2012 for the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College course offerings.

Starting next year, the Judicial College will no longer routinely mail out course brochures. As an efficiency and cost-savings strategy, the Judicial College will start sending out e-mails with links to electronic course brochures. These e-mails will advise applicants when a course becomes available for registration through Judicial eCademy.

Judicial College Director Milt Nuzum said the Judicial College started heading more into the digital era in 2010 when it launched its Judicial eCademy website. Through this website, the Judicial College began offering webinars, made pre-recorded courses available on demand, and made Internet registration available to all audiences for its live and web-based courses.

Nuzum said the new registration procedures fit directly with the Judicial College’s ongoing efforts to improve how participants register for courses.

“We are continually looking to advance the way the Judicial College communicates with judges, magistrates and court personnel about our classes,” said Nuzum. “Not only is our new registration procedure cost-effective, judges can register electronically with ease through e-mail.”

Judges must complete 40 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) classes every two years to meet state requirements.