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Nov. 7, 2011
Buryatia Delegates Visit Supreme Court of Ohio

Six Buryatian delegates are visiting the Ohio Supreme Court Nov. 7 to discuss children advocacy practices. Buryatia is a federal republic of Russia, located just north of Mongolia.

At the Supreme Court of Ohio, the delegates with talk with Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court Judge Dana Preisse, Union County Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Charlotte Eufinger, and Steve Hanson, Supreme Court Manager of Children, Families and the Courts programs. 

The delegates and judges will focus their discussion on protecting children from adult abuse and protecting the rights of orphans and runaways.  As the highest court in the State of Ohio, the Supreme Court is the ultimate authority for dealing with the best interests of youth and families in difficult situations.

The six delegates will also meet with Ohio advocates at the Buckeye Ranch, The National Youth Advocate Program, The Ohio Association of Child Caring Services, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Miami County, Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility, and multiple local high schools. 

The Buryatia delegates are in the Columbus area from Nov. 4-12, participating in the Open World Program. Managed by the independent Open World Leadership Center under Congressional mandate, Open World is designed to enhance understanding and cooperation between the United States and Russia by developing a network of leaders who have gained significant, firsthand exposure to America’s social services programs and child advocacy organizations. The Columbus International Program is hosting the delegation in partnership with the Open World Program. 

The visiting delegates are Dora Dondokovna Batuyeva, Prinicpal of Bulum Village Secondary School; Yuliya Yuryevna Salnikova, Resource Specialist for the Republican Information & Resource Center; Yelena Viktorovna Sandipova, Social Work Specialist for Infant Abandonment Prevention at City Maternity Hospital; Irina Nikolayevna Tupik, Vice Chair of the Board for the Social Initiative Foundation, “Absolut” NPO; Nikolay Yefremovich Vasyutkin, General Counsel for “Absolut Plus” LLC.

For more information, please contact Mark Poeppelman, Executive Director of the Columbus International Program at 614.425.2268 or 221.0034 or Maura Shelden, Open World Public Affairs Officer at 202.707.6197.  For more information on Open World, please visit http://www.openworld.gov.