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June 8, 2011
Celebrezze Serves as Visiting Judge

Judge Frank D. Celebrezze Jr.A visiting judge with a familiar sounding last name in the history of the Supreme Court of Ohio heard oral arguments in the third case on the Supreme Court docket today.

Judge Frank D. Celebrezze Jr. of the Eighth District Court of Appeals, the son of former Chief Justice Frank D. Celebrezze, served in place of Justice Yvette McGee Brown,who recused herself from Drees Co. v. Hamilton Twp. (Case No. 2010-1548).

Judge Celebrezze’s temporary assignment follows last month’s portrait dedication in honor of Chief Justice Celebrezze, who died March 21, 2010.

Judge Celebrezze has served on the Cleveland appellate court since 2000 and for eight years before that on the Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court. He previously served as a visiting judge on the Supreme Court in 2004.

“It is always an honor and a privilege to serve on the Supreme Court of Ohio and, having raised two daughters, it is truly a special occasion to serve with Ohio’s first female Chief Justice,” Judge Celebrezze said. “I thank Chief Justice O’Connor for the opportunity.”

According to the Ohio Constitution, in the event of a recusal by a Justice, the Chief Justice or the Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can select any of the 69 sitting Ohio appellate court judges to sit temporarily on the Supreme Court.

The Eighth District Court of Appeals serves Cuyahoga County, and hears cases from county, municipal and common pleas courts as well as original actions in habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, procedendo and quo warranto.

The Drees case concerns the extent of statutory powers granted to limited home rule townships.

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