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Dec. 2, 2011
Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center Dedication

The official portrait of the late Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer now hangs prominently in the Grand Concourse of the newly dedicated Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center.Around 400 members of the judiciary and guests honored the late Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer on Dec. 2 as the Supreme Court of Ohio dedicated the Ohio Judicial Center in his name.

The dedication of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center honors Chief Justice Moyer’s significant contributions to civility, public service, and the rule of law.

Chief Justice Moyer was the second longest serving chief justice in Ohio history, serving from January 1987 until his untimely death in April 2010.

During the ceremony, several speakers discussed his leadership role in transforming the 1930s Ohio Departments building into the Ohio Judicial Center in 2004, now home of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said the late Chief Justice Moyer helped mark the first time in the state’s history that the Court had a home of its own.

“His vision for what this building could be was just that, a vision. This space was a neglected landmark endangered of being razed before Tom became involved. I believe it was his intent that the grandeur of this building reflects that majesty,” Chief Justice O’Connor said.

The Court also unveiled Chief Justice Moyer’s official court portrait during the ceremony. Internationally known artist Leslie Adams painted the portrait.

Chief Justice Moyer’s stepdaughter, Elizabeth Emens, spoke on behalf of the family. She said the Chief had “grand passions.”

“These two passions for history and for law came together for his passion for this courthouse. While Tom was himself simple inside and out, he believed that justice deserved a grand home. He believed that a remarkable and separate building contributed crucially to the respect of law and for the role of the courts for our democratic form of government,” said Emens.

The portrait of the Chief now hangs in the grand concourse of the Moyer Judicial Center.

View the complete dedication ceremony here.