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Aug. 25, 2009
Supreme Court Releases Summary of Mayor's Court Activity for 2008

The Supreme Court of Ohio today released its annual summary on the activities of the 330 mayor’s courts in Ohio.

Ohio law allows mayors of municipalities with more than 100 residents without a municipal court to conduct mayor’s court. These courts hear only cases involving violations of local ordinances and state traffic laws.

In 2003, the General Assembly made mayor’s court registration and reporting with the Supreme Court mandatory for the first time, and beginning in 2004 the courts began filing quarterly reports under the new law. Mayor’s courts operate largely outside the judicial system as quasi-judicial bodies administered by mayors in the executive branch.

The number of mayor’s courts in operation in Ohio in 2008 was the fewest on record since the Supreme Court began collecting mayor’s court statistics in 2004. The summary also found that the fewest number of new cases were filed last year in mayor’s courts – 290,695 – compared to any of the previous four years of data compiled by the Supreme Court. In addition, Linndale mayor’s court in Cuyahoga County again led the state in cases per 100 residents with 3,863, just as it did for 2007.

Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer has consistently pushed for legislation that would incorporate mayor’s courts in the judicial system under the authority of the Supreme Court. The most recent attempt to pass legislation did not make it to a floor vote in the 127th General Assembly.

View the 2008 Mayor's Court Summary.

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