Uniform Mediation Act - Information for Mediators

Is this a Mediation Communication under the UMA?
This flowchart aids the mediator in determining whether something is a mediation communication with potential coverage under the UMA as privileged.

Is this Communication Privileged under the UMA?
This flowchart navigates the path for determining whether a mediation communication is privileged under the UMA. To do so, one must figure out whether the mediation communication has been properly waived or precluded and if not, whether an enumerated exception to the privilege applies.

Felony or Misdemeanor
In Ohio, individuals are required to report to law enforcement if he or she knows that a felony has been committed or will be in the near future (Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.22). The UMA reflects this same idea by requiring mediators to disclose mediation communications that provide this information. These documents are helpful to mediators, therefore, as they clarify the distinction betweena felony and a misdemeanor.

Child Abuse Exceptions to Privilege, Child Abuse Reporting and the UMA
This outline explains the exception to the privilege and a right to report when it comes to mediation communications involving child abuse, neglect, abandonment and exploitation.