Uniform Mediation Act - General Information

Ohio's Uniform Mediation Act: A Reader's Guide
The Reader's Guide provides for the general public a summary of the UMA, steps to determine whether a mediation communication is admissible in court, the history of the UMA, a brief discussion of Ohio's previous mediation law, differences between the UMA and Ohio's previous mediation law, and the impact of the UMA on the Ohio Revised Code.

Uniform Mediation Act: Frequently Asked Questions
The Uniform Mediation Act is a very intricate and important piece of legislation. These Frequently Asked Questions offer answers to pressing issues that are especially helpful to mediation parties and/or participants. For instance, how does one know whether a mediation is covered by the UMA? And, how can a mediation party restrict someone else from disclosing what was said during a mediation in a subsequent legal proceeding?