Mediation Program Resources

Sup. Rule 16. Mediation: Local Rule Guide

» Acknowledgements
» Letter to the Courts of Ohio
» Local Rule Guide - Domestic Relations Division
» Local Rule Guide - General and Probate Divisions, Municipal and County Courts
» Local Rule Guide - Juvenile Division
» Rule 16. Mediation
» Sample Local Rule - Domestic Relations Division
» Sample Local Rule - General and Probate Divisions, Municipal and County Courts
» Sample Local Rule - Juvenile Division

General Mediation

» Checklist for Judge/Magistrate Referred Mediation
» Agreement to Mediate
» Checklist for Judges and Magistrates Referring Cases to Mediation O.R.C. 3109.052
» Consent to Mediation and Confidentiality Agreement
» Foreclosure Mediation Program Model Documents, Resources and Training
» Mediation Coordinator Sample Job Posting
» Mediation Screening Questionnaire
» Mediator Employment Agreement
» Mediator Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)
» Mediator Subpoena - Motion and Entry to Quash
» Region 4 Review Eastern Area EEO ADR Newsletter
» Contract Mediator Practice Questionnaire
» Independent Contractor Agreement Cover Letter
» Independent Contractor Agreement Form
» Mediation Case Management Data & Quality Assessment Information Form
» Mediation Participant Survey
» Time Log
» Criminal Misdemeanor Screening Form
» Journal Entry - Order to Mediation
» Summary of Agreement - Civil
» Contract for Mediation Services - Franklin County

Family Mediation

» Checklist for Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court Judges and Magistrates for Referring Cases to Mediation
» Domestic Relations Mediation Attorney Case Summary
» Domestic Relations Mediation Draft Agreement Attorney Checklist
» Domestic Relations Mediation Participant Case Summary
» Family Mediation Screening Questions
» Litigant's Guide to Prepare for Mediation or Final Hearing - Divorce Without Children

Mediation Program Models

» Oregon Municipal Court Program Model

Franklin County Forms

» Checklist for Judge/Magistrate Referred Mediation
» Current Intake Worksheet
» Notice of Mediation
» Filed Case Agreement (single page)
» Filed Case Agreement (two pages)
» Judges' Form
» Mediation Agreement for filed cases
» Mediation Agreement
» Notice of Mediation for Judge Referred Mediation
» Prefiling Agreement
» Rent Escrow Notice
» Scheduled Mediation Notice
» Small Claims Day of Trial Mediation Agreement
» Mediation


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