Dispute Resolution Section


Dispute Resolution Section
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street, 6th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Phone: 614.387.9420
Fax: 614.387.9409
E-mail: DisputeResolution@sc.ohio.gov

Jacqueline C. Hagerott

Mediation Counsel:
Nicole DiCuccio

Program Coordinator:
Kevin Lottes

The Dispute Resolution Section assists courts in developing and sustaining high-quality dispute resolution services that are accessible to all citizens; provides technical assistance and training to court-connected dispute resolution staff, judges, magistrates, mediators, parenting coordinators, court personnel, attorneys and other professionals; and communicates ongoing research regarding innovative dispute resolution processes and resources.

Dispute Resolution Resources

Training & Professional Development

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Commission on Dispute Resolution

Supreme Court Case Mediation

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