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Case: 1997-1216 Discretionary Appeal (Felony); Claimed Appeal of Right
Filed: 06/16/97
Status: Case Is Disposed
State of Ohio v. Tyra L. Patterson


Patterson, Tyra L. (Appellant)
  Represented by:
    Christon, Jimmie (38116)
State of Ohio (Appellee)
  Represented by:
    Ingram, Carley (20084)

Jurisdiction Information Prior Decision Date Case Number(s)
Montgomery County, 2nd District Court of Appeals 05/02/1997 15699

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Date Filed Description
06/16/97 Notice of appeal by Tyra L. Patterson
  Filed by: Patterson, Tyra
06/16/97 Memorandum in support of jurisdiction
  Filed by: Patterson, Tyra
06/17/97 Copy of notice of appeal sent to clerk of court of appeals
09/17/97 Upon consideration of jurisdictional question
09/17/97: Leave to appeal denied and appeal dismissed
09/30/97 Copy of entry sent to clerk


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