Ohio Probation Officer Training Program


In an effort to continue providing the required education for new probation officers supervising adult offenders, the Ohio Judicial College will begin offering the mandatory education virtually in Fall 2020. If you have registered as a new probation officer, you will be receiving information about how to enroll and complete courses.

In accordance with Ohio R.C. 2301.271, adult probation officers hired after Jan. 1, 2014 must complete an introductory training program within two years of their hire date. As a result, the Ohio Probation Officer Training Program was developed through a partnership between the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction (ODRC), the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College (SCOJC), and the Ohio Chief Probation Officers Association (OCPOA). The program curriculum was developed by a committee consisting of personnel from ODRC, SCOJC, and OCPOA, including Chief Probation Officers from urban and rural common pleas, municipal, and county courts. It consists of six blended courses and 12 online courses. While these courses are designed for recently hired adult probation officers, they are open and beneficial to all probation officers.

The Ohio Probation Officer Training Program is committed to delivering relevant and high-quality courses.

Register for an Ohio Probation Officer Training Program Course
  1. New Probation Officers who have taken an in-person course prior to March 2020, will be notified by the Judicial College about how to register and complete their mandatory education this year.
  2. New Probation Officers who have not taken an in-person course in 2020, will be notified by the Judicial College about how to register and complete their mandatory education. Live webinars for these officers will be available beginning in 2021.
  3. All online courses listed below are available for any Ohio officer to take at any time. The first two online courses are approved for 1.50 hours of COB credit.

    To register for an online course:

    1. Create and OhioCourtEDU account if you do not already have one. Go to the OhioCourtEDU registration page and click the “court personnel” button.
    2. Log in to OhioCourtEDU
    3. Search for the course by title. Click Launch to begin.
Mandatory Online Courses
  1. The Principles of Effective Interventions
  2. Risk Assessment Basics
  3. The Ohio Court System
  4. The Ohio Criminal Justice System and Its Partners
  5. The Authority of Probation Officers and their Role within the Court
  6. Probation Officer Ethics
  7. The Basics of Officer Safety
  8. Courtroom Presentation Basics
  9. Electronic Offender Information Systems
  10. Drug Addiction and Testing
  11. Search and Seizure for Probation
  12. Special Populations
Live Webinars
  1. Introduction to Assessment and Case Planning
  2. Professional Communication: Verbal & Written Skills
  3. Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions
  4. Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  5. Introduction to Offender Skill Building
  6. Introduction to Offender Behavior Management

Courses that were previously face-to-face will now be provided as live webinars.

Questions? Contact Judicial College staff at 614.387.9445 or OhioCourtEDU@sc.ohio.gov.

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